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First Day on Brand New Website

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Today is my very first day with a website that I created. I work as a Medical Lab Technician, I have two children with a guy who has been the stay-at-home-nothing-but-supportive-dad. So without him, this wouldn't be possible.

I love seashells, sand dollars, starfish, sea glass, anything that has to do with the sea. I started making some artsy-fartsy stuff and would show the coworkers some of the things I have made, and duh, they told me to sell some of the stuff. I want to make stuff that is completely unique to seashells. There is so much that people haven't done with seashells, so I want to create beachy items for the rest of us who is wondering, "Why are there no seashell-y things like that?!?!" And here I am, with a website, hopefully people will look at it?

Also, feel free to ask me to make custom gifts, or whatever. I'll give my 110% every time!

Thanks beaches!

#seashells #sanddollars #uniquebeachgifts #genderrevealscanbebeachytoo #theoceaniswheremyheartbelongs

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